AXIS Family Mediation Inc. provides mediation services at the Family Court in Hamilton, Kitchener, Simcoe, Cayuga, St. Catharines and Welland, and both the Ontario and Superior Courts of Justice (family courts) in Brantford and Guelph for parties who have a matter scheduled in court on that day and whose issues are narrow enough to be mediated within an hour or two. If not, the parties may be referred to off-site mediation.

Examples of issues which may be appropriate for on-site mediation include (but are not limited to) parenting issues such as the determination of and changes to decision making responsibility (custody) and parent time (access), holidays and mobility; child support issues such as the determination of and changes to payments and extraordinary expenses. In some instances, narrow spousal support and property issues may also be appropriate for on-site mediation.

For those who may be able to take advantage of on-site mediation, and result in agreement, a court order may be issued immediately by the Court.

All on-site mediation is closed mediation, and there are no fees for on-site mediation.

Please refer to our schedule of Schedule of Services for hours in a location closest to you. Please note that on-site mediations take place on a first come, first served basis.

The on-site mediator works closely with lawyers and/or Duty Counsel to ensure that all parties receive independent legal advice.

The on-site mediator can also provide information on and take referrals for off-site mediation services that require more extensive sessions.

Although the on-site mediations are quick and “on-the-spot”, all mediations still require screening for power imbalances and all mediators adhere to the Ontario Association for Family Mediation’s Standards of Practice and Family Mediation Canada’s Code of Professional Conduct.

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