Thank you for your interest in the Internship Program with AXIS Family Mediation Inc. Please find below all the necessary logistical information regarding being an intern with AXIS.

Role of the intern

Supervision and mentoring are essential parts of any professional training. All mediation interns begin their practical learning by auditing mediation sessions. This is an important first step in traveling down the path to becoming a mediator. After observation for at least 50 hours, and if the mentoring mediator feels there is readiness, interns usually move onto the second step, which is co-mediation.

Because of current restrictions imposed by Employment Standards, AXIS is only offering interns the observation hours (or step 1) at the present time.

Should circumstances change, we will recommence the second part of the internship program, and interns who have completed their observation hours with us will be given preference to complete their co-mediation (step 2) hours with us at that time.

All interns will have an opportunity to de-brief with their mentoring mediator at the end of each session, whether audited or co-mediated. Interns will at no time take or have carriage of a mediation file.


There is a one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $100.00 +HST paid by cash or cheque to AXIS Family Mediation Inc.

Interns may purchase time in 10 hour blocks for $250.00 +HST ($25.00/hour +HST) per block. These blocks are paid for in advance by cash or cheque to AXIS Family Mediation Inc. At least two 10 hour blocks must be purchased at a time.


Interns will be assigned to the next available mediator. Every effort will be made to honour requests for certain mediators, however there is no guarantee of one mediator over another.

You must have the same mediator for each of the 10 hours in a block.


Both mediation time and debrief time will count against the hours purchased.

Hours will be kept by the intern which will be recorded on a time sheet. Each entry must be initiated by the intern and mediator before the next 10 hour block can be started. Hours must be submitted to the IRC at the end of each month.

Interns will receive a certificate of completion for the number of hours they have completed and paid for.


All interns are required to submit an application, and will be interviewed. If selected for an internship, a security clearance will be required to be carried out by the Ministry of the Attorney General, and before interning begins, interns will need to review and sign both an Internship and Confidentiality Agreement.

For more information

Please contact Alicia, the internship and volunteer coordinator for AXIS Family Mediation Inc. at (905) 308-8152 or alicia@axisfamilymediation.com.

Download the AXIS Internship Application

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