There are user fees for off-site and distance mediation but because we are subsidized by the Ministry of the Attorney General, they are based on a sliding scale. The user fee schedule sets out the maximum hourly fee that the Ministry of the Attorney General has determined can be charged to a client for off-site or distance family mediation services.

The fees are payable by cash or cheque after joint or caucus mediation sessions. (in person or on-line).

There are no fees for the intake.

Fees are calculated by gross yearly income and the number of dependent children. Each party is responsible to pay her/his own fees. There is no retainer amount needed up front and payments for the sessions are made on a “pay-as-you-go” basis.

In determining the fees payable pursuant to the user fee schedule:

  1. “each party” refers to the parties directly involved in the mediation;
  2. “Gross Yearly Income” is defined to include all payments of any kind received by or on behalf of the party, the spouse and any dependent children. This includes but is not limited to income from:
    • employment, including salaries, wages, commissions and bonuses;
    • social assistance, Canada Pension, Old Age Pension, other pensions and disability benefits;
    • workplace safety insurance benefits;
    • rental income;
    • spousal support received;
    • investment income or income from annuities and income funds; and
    • income from a business; and
  3. “Dependants” refers to any children supported or partially supported by that party and any other person for whom the party is financially responsible. Children supported or partially supported by both parents may be counted as dependants by both parents.

If there are any questions or discrepancies about user fees, please feel free to e-mail us at info@axisfamilymediation.com.

Please click here to see the current year’s user fee schedule.

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